Greetings from Evanston!

In an effort to keep Rotarians informed of the cadre’s activities, we are continuing distribution of Tech Talk, the cadre’s quarterly newsletter, to all district governors.  I have attached the latest issue, April 2017, and encourage you to forward Tech Talk to the members of your district, add it to your district’s website, or include it in your district’s newsletter. 

The Cadre is recruiting for specific expertise and skills which can be viewed on the Cadre webpage. If you know of any Rotarians in your district who match our recruitment needs, I encourage you to have them contact for more information.

I appreciate your assistance in sharing this information with the Rotarians in your district.  If you have any questions about the cadre, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Christian Pepera
Rotary Foundation Cadre Supervisor | Stewardship | Office of the General Counsel
D O W N L O A D - Cadre - Who we are
D O W N L O A D - Tech Talk April 2017